September 18th, 2012 PushStart + AngelCube Demo Night

On Tuesday, September 18, 2012, OLC attended the PushStart + AngelCube Demo night. Eight startups presented their companies, expressing a desire to expand into the United States.

The night started with Kickfolio introducing themselves as "app marketing re-imagined." Their argument was that getting users to download and use applications are difficult, especially since the only ways of marketing apps are through screenshots and short video clips of gameplay or how the app works. The Kickfolio team, in order to engage the users further, decided to let users try the app before they decide to buy it. Kickfolio compared Amazon's Test Drive and Facebook's App Center and underlined the cons of both: Amazon Test Drive worked 1 out of 10 times and Facebook App Center was created so that the user must use Facebook to access it. Kickfolio's application grabs screenshots and reviews and information from iTunes with ease. Kickfolio is raising $500,000 to invest in hardware.

Dragonfly explained that they connect local freelancers with creative agencies. They prided themselves on how transparent their operation was. "Dragonfly is transparency and quality," the presenter said. "It's about finding, curating freelancers for digital agencies." The platform is designed so that recruiters can see all of the necessary information on one screen and can answer three crucial questions: 1) Is the freelancer suitable? 2) What is their availability? 3) Are they interested? Dragonfly also deals with accounts for recruiters that hire freelancers, which gives more time for the recruiters to work with the freelancer.

Broccol-e-Games creates math games for children. "Math is hard," the presenter said. He said that over 61 percent of children would rather take out the trash than solve a math problem. In order to solve that, Broccol-e-Games developed Maths with Springbird for the iPad. On the surface, it is a game, but underneath that, the app is a series of math problems to be solved by the user. Their business model is on expanding content, where multiple in-app purchases help fund the platform. The app can also identify whether or not the child is gifted or needs help in math. Broccol-e-Games is looking to raise $500,000.

Adbiddr, the marketplace for buying and selling digital sign advertising, explained how their startup works. They use smart technology to get real data. Adbiddr explained that there is a proliferation of digital screen technology, which helps fuel the digital sign advertising industry. However, the advertisers do not know who is actually affected by the ad—the advertising industry doesn't know the main audience in that particular neighborhood, or area. This is where Adbiddr comes in. They acquire real-time data for these advertisers to target the main demographic in that area. Basically, it becomes a real-life version of Facebook ads and Google Analytics. Adbiddr is currently raising $150,000.

GimmeQuotes provides free quotes on any service that is needed; that is, the professionals get the quote to the user. It is a "cloud-based sales and marketing for trade contractors." Over 1,300 trade contractors are currently signed up with GimmeQuotes and record over several hundred customers per month. GimmeQuotes is the solution for contractors who have no time for sales and marketing. They are the contemporary solution to the old fashioned Yellow Pages. GimmeQuotes generates leads—customers submit projects and the website matches their projects with contractors. It is a bit like Angie's List in a way, but without sifting through review after review of contractors (or businesses). When the business gets a project, GimmeQuotes charges 5 to 10% of the cited price. Through GimmeQuotes, the sales process is improved. From lead to CRM to quotes to invoice to feedback and more projects, GimmeQuotes makes home services market a cinch to work with. "No one is offering focused lead and sales except GimmeQuotes," the presenter said. They are currently raising $700,000. is seeking investors for its Facebook-like platform targeting surfers. "There is a lack of innovation for surfers. Everything seems to be stuck in 1998," the presenter said. Their goal is to bring surfing to 2012. presents wave spots, where surfers can review the geotagged location and connect with other surfers. "The surfing market is a lucrative one," the presenter said, adding that there are over 25 million surfers to a $7 billion market, and there is room to expand to other sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, and so on.

Tonight! is an iPhone app dedicated to sharing what the user—you—is doing tonight with your friends. A live feed informs your friends and other "interesting" people what you are doing tonight just like a Facebook feed would. Tonight! is a social network built on social life in real world activities. The what, who and when are linked to—respectively—interest, relationship and tonight—real life relationship behavior. The app harnesses conversation regarding what happens every night. It has recorded over 7000 downloads and have over 4000 users. 4 out of 5 users have rated the app five stars.

According to Werdsmith, there are over 80 million writers and no social platform for writers to connect with one another. In response, Werdsmith was created to be a social platform for strictly writers. There are two steps to the app, which are as follows: 1) Create, 2) Share. Writers spend a lot of time writing—up to 90% of their time is consumed by it—but the remaining 10% is the lucrative time, which is the time spent looking for publishers or e-publishing. Werdsmith is available in 115 countries and has recorded over 100k downloads. It helps the writer in three ways: 1) Pro tools give amateurs a platform to share and professionals a tool to simplify writing; 2) It makes discovery easy; 3) More time can be spent of creation and less time focused on finding a publisher. Werdsmith is raising $400,000.