September 24th, 2014 Startup Night - Pitches, Traction & Funding

On Wednesday September 24th, Office Lease Center attended Startup Night - Pitches, Traction & Funding’s event to see a couple of startups pitch to a panel of judges and the crowd.

Job Ants is a recruiting and career platform for job seekers. Job Ants specializes in helping people in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. With their connected Facebook app they help you break through the noise and gain more visibility.

Ryan, CEO and Co-Founder talked about his venture called Mapistry. Mapistry is an easy way to create custom maps for your business without having to take a special class or read some manual. Ryan gave an example of how he was using it for construction workers to map out equipment and where certain materials were located.

Have you ever wanted to build your own app but have zero technical skills? Mobincube is a platform that helps you build an app for you. You can either pay for their premium services and have your app be add free or use the service for free but with ads. They are currently increasing the number of apps they build substantially month by month.

Vote Over It is a web app currently in beta that lets people vote over a specific debate. Main idea is than an author can post a question and people can then reply and items can get voted up and down, but for social and political issues.

Vote Over It wants to get more Americans involved in social issue and generally be more educated and interact with their peers about subjects that matter to them.