September 25th, 2012 Startupfix at Culturefix Event

OLC recently attended the September 25th, 2012 #Startupfix at Culturefix featuring presentations by Updater, Burn Note and Fitocracy and co-sponsored by TriNet, Flavorpill/Gel, Wakefield and Culturefix. Below is more information on the presenting companies and sponsors:

Updater's mission is to make your move easier, more efficient and cost-effective. Updater is already America's favorite change of address website, and we have continued to innovate with the introduction of the Smooth Move – a customized and interactive decision engine for new-movers. No longer will new movers need to scour the web for moving services, biased or unreliable information and boring checklists. Updater's vision is to finally put an end to the stress and confusion that begin weeks before a move starts and linger until well after the dust settles. We have what new movers want: A service to efficiently forward your mail and update accounts and records? Check. Easy sign-ups for cable and other home services? Check. Exclusive new-mover offers from local and national retailers? Check... all at Updater.

Burn Note enables you to communicate online as privately as a spoken conversation.
Each Burn Note can be viewed only once and then it is deleted. Deleted Burn Notes are completely erased from the Burn Note servers so it impossible for anyone to retrieve them. Burn Note is useful for private communication. For example Burn Note can be used to securely send a password. It can also be used to have an off-the-record conversation with a friend.

Fitocracy’s mission is to make fitness a more fun, more addictive experience. Play Fitocracy to beat challenges, push your boundaries, and show your friends who’s boss. Get addicted to your fitness.

TriNet - Thousands of organizations have turned to TriNet for human resources,benefits, payroll, workers' compensation, and strategic human capital services. As their trusted HR business partner, TriNet helps these companies contain HR costs, minimize employer-related risk, and relieve the administrative burden of HR.  TriNet also offers a set of strategic services that match companies at every point in their lifecycle, including such offerings as talent acquisition,performance management, and employee development. All of TriNet’s services are supported by a team of dedicated human capital consultants and experts, and enabled by best-in-class HR technology from Oracle-PeopleSoft.

Flavorpill is a network of culturally connected people, covering events, art, books, music, and pop culture the world over. Highbrow, lowbrow, and everything in between: if it's compelling, we're sharing it.

Wakefield - Each day we publish a short, entertaining email on companies, people, and products from the startup space.  We tell the stories of a community while serving as a discovery guide for new companies, new products, events, and extraordinary jobs. Our readers are both those in startup space and those seeking to gain insights from it.  We also hold events. Some are on campus, some are just around town, and we also partner with the biggest traveling startup job fair party in showbiz, UNCUBED.

Culturefix is is a bar, gallery and event space that offers a different idea of a public space.
culturefix’s intimate bar prides itself on serving an eclectic selection of beer and wine. In addition, the bar at culturefix serves a unique selection of tapas sized dishes. While it might not seem possible in our compact kitchen, all of the food at culturefix is prepared in house.
The food and beverage selection also facilitates our gallery and event space; the heart of culturefix. This alternative art space exhibits visual and performance art of a wide variety. This variety is the only definition that culturefix provides for the space. Examples of events include musical performances, private dinner parties, readings, receptions, workshops, meet-ups, screenings, and performance art.  We pride ourselves on our guests finding something new every time they come in.