September 26th, 2013 Conversation and Demo Night

On Thursday, September 26th, 2013 OLC attended the SV Entrepreneur group hosted by Parisoma in San Francisco. Four companies took the stage to demo their apps from iOS and the web.

First up to present was Mikail Asavkin, the CTO, from Photozeen. Photozeen main goal is to help people take better photos even before they take them. Sounds odd right? They do this by settings up ‘quests’ that are essentially challenges that the user can to do, that teaches them photography skills. They can be to used help the user improve their photo taking skills. Some of the quests range from composition to more social, such as capturing photos of a group of sports fans. Photozeen is currently only on iOS. They are also currently looking to raise around 400k.

Robert Yearsley, took the stage to talk about a Collusion. We all know how the power of real time collaboration is great and Google Drive does a good job of this. Collusion takes this similar approach but treats the collaborative document as a massive white board.

They have also created a Precision digital pen to help make their app work even better. “A known problem with drawing or writing on a tablet is that your palm gets in the way can ruin the experience,” Robert Yearsley said. With this pen they solved this issue. They also noted they are working on a web based and Android app. It will be interested to see where Collusion goes.

Mark Thomas, the Co-founder & CEO, took the stage to talk about Reesio. “Have you ever sold a property before?” Mark Thomas asked, and almost no one raised their hand. Reesio takes a different approach to how you can manage the process of selling property.

They market themselves to brokers and agents. As a Broker and you can set up a brokerage and invite all your agents and see what they are all up and at what stage they might be at in a selling process. On agent side, they can work on documents real time in the cloud and e-sign documents with no extra accounts needed.

“Since we have a Saas subscription model, you can manage your own listening in real time. This means house will be seen as available faster than they are on Zillow or Trulia.” Thomas said.

Cofounder and Business Head, Amit Yadav, took the stage to showcase his creation, AppSurfer. Do you ever search the market for a new app and just don’t like the static images you see, or get confused by the reviews? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually try an app out before downloading it without such a short amount of time before you can uninstall and get a full refund? This is what AppSrufer wants to help you do.

You can have your app on the AppSurfer website and allow people to see, and demo your app and if they like it, instantly grab it from it’s respective app store. This allows the apps to get more visibility and also allows the user to get a good grasp of what your app is before they buy it. AppSurfer wants to help the consumer and the app developers to win.