September 4th, 2013 NYTM

On Wednesday, September 4, 2013, OLC attended the New York Tech Meetup featuring: NYC Bike Buddy, Cinematique, Miner, PublicStuff, Tiny Bop Inc., Learn With Homer, Locket, Majisto, WayCount and Nudge.

NYC Bike Buddy was first to present. The app is the ultimate bike rider app—users can get information about bike racks, real-time capacity of CitiBike racks, water fountains, bike shops and safe routes, courtesy of the New York Department of Transportation, Mapquest and the open CitiBikes API. Its very simple UI allows users to navigate quickly and seamlessly between functions. NYC Bike Buddy uses the latest iOS to help save battery life (up to 40% on average batter consumption with GPS on) and it can push the user’s bike data—distance, speed, route—to social channels.

Miner activates virtual stores based on the user’s physical location. It is a commerceenabled mobile platform. Miner’s template is simplicity. Locations are saved to the platform, making it easy to add locations and to send it out to the physical world. The content is delivered to the location. The web app functions just like the mobile app.

Miner uses Strype for secure payment and it includes digital vouchers that are in the physical world that can be redeemed for prizes.

Majesto is about sharing personal experience with people that you care about. It transforms videos and pictures into movies. Users choose a collection of videos and pictures to start. Once selected, users can add a mood and the app chooses transitions based on that moods. Once create, the video is sent to the cloud and the Majesto AI automatically converts it into a professionally made video.

Learning With Homer is the first comprehensive literary app that launched on the first of August with over 100 lessons. They’ve since added 36 more. The app helps children how to read and it blends reading with poetry, pictures and interactive, immersive games. The app helps build vocabulary and understand stories. The app ends lessons with questions and so far, over 500,000 pieces of content have been created by children.

Locket is an app that delivers advertisements to the user’s lock screen. It pays users to unlock their phones and engage with the ads. They can get paid—once per new ad. So far, there have been over 100,000 downloads and delivers over 6 million impressions per day.

Tiny Bop is an educational app for kids that was inspired by old books. Each app is a digital toy and not a didactic way to learn—instead children can manipulate the content in the app and it tries to teach them cause and effect. Although the app is for ages 4+, it has been used by professionals as a teaching tool. is all about staying in touch automatically with a monthly email. The platform lets people check in with each other. The platform uses a single web page, so allows for quick and easy emails.

PublicStuff raises the level of civic engagement. It aids in reporting issues in the city and infrastructure. A survey prompts users to choose answers to tell the city of New York feedback and allows for additional feedback and pictures. The commentary can be shared with the user’s network, as it is public information. However, users have the option to keep it private too,WayCount leverages crowd-sourced traffic data to create better cities. It is a traffic counter and uses black pneumatic tubes to capture data. Data can be uploaded via USB and uses custom software and custom hardware. It connects over serial communication and the data can be viewed in real time. It can be exported as a spreadsheet and goes into a mySQL database.

Cinematique is the world’s first platform to explore and shop from videos. It set out to change streaming videos, because the form itself has changed. The video player remembers and tracks what the user has clicked on. For the first time, people can add commerce directly to their videos. Cinematique plans to take their technology into the medical and educational field.