September 9th, 2014 A Fashion Technology Conversation with PSFK

Currently, there is an exhibit that is taking place at the concept store STORY, in partnership with Intel, called #InsideSTORY: an experience that connects the dots between style and technology, open through October 12. 

 Amanda Parkes

In honor of this exhibit, in addition to the fact that New York Fashion Week is going on now, there was a panel held to discuss the future of wearables. The panel was hosted by PSFK founder Piers Fawkes and joined by designer and creator of Wearable Experiments, Billie Whitehouse, as well as fashion-technologist Amanda Parkes.

 Billie Whitehouse

The recent tech news everyone wanted to talk about at the event is the launch of the Apple Watch, which was unanimously declared by the panel as a theoretical product for the time being. The Apple Watch is not available to consumers until 2015. The panel and attendees were very interested in not only the features of the watch, but also the user interaction of the device.

As a teacher at Columbia University Dept. of Architecture, Parkes advised, “we need to have a lot more conversations between fashion architecture and tech schools to see wearables enter the commercial realm in a successful way.” With a background in engineering and a focus on sustainable textiles, she brought attention to the role academic institutions play in the future of wearables.

Whitehouse also stressed that the industry should be paying more attention to how the tech is interacting, fitting, and working with the body versus playing the role of a new gadget. Whitehouse is known for her belief in both the form and function of wearables. She spoke of how the future of wearable technology is in the intuitive development process.

The #InsideSTORY event was a coming together of the wearable technology community discuss the future of the wearables industry.

The event stood out, with the audience also taking part in the conversation. In attendance were other leaders of the wearable technology space: CuteCircuit founders, Ryan Genz and Francesca Rosella; Sabine Seymour, CEO & Chief Creative Officer at Moondial; Mary Huang, co-founder of Continuum Fashion. Both CuteCircuit and Continuum Fashion had items exhibited in the store as part of the experience.

New York Fashion Week always brings the most forward-thinking designers together, and this event was no exception.