SF New Tech: Scoble & Israel, Import.io, Licensario, Reesio, and more!


On July 14th, 2013 OLC attended SF New Tech, which is an event that focuses on showcasing The Bay Areas up and coming new tech startups. Each startup was given 5 minutes to pitch their event.On July 14th, 2013 OLC attended SF New Tech, which is an event that focuses on showcasing The Bay Areas up and coming new tech startups. Each startup was given 5 minutes to pitch their event.

Robert Scoble & Shel Israel took the stage to talk about their new book, Age of Context – How Mobile, Sensors & Data Will Change Your Life.

“We are here attending this event to hear about any new bleeding age tech before they finish up the book in a few weeks. Sensor technology will be doing crazy things to change our lives in the near future. For example, if you are driving and you start dozing off, sensors can go off in the car and help wake you up,” Robert Scoble said.



Andrew Fog, founder and Chief Data Officer, took the stage to explain Import io, which is a new free program that is an easily alternative to collecting the data you want from the web.

“There is lots of data on the web and getting the data from the web is hard.” Andrew Fog said.

Import io is an easy way to collect data from any website without any work required from a developer. “Turn any website into a spreadsheet or API with no code. Takes less than 5 minutes” Fog said.

You can take a realtor website and tell the program what data you want to collect and create a table and all the data is extracted into a simple spreadsheet.



Gill Sadis, the CEO, got up on stage to tell the crowd about Licensario, which is a small billing solution for Saas companies. A problem with building software is having different packages and how the billing companies handle it.

“You can take any feature set, any price and model the price without changing any lines of code. Setting up your account is super easy process.  It’s as simple as selecting check boxes and adding a description,” Gill Sadis said.

Licensario is still currently in beta and makes money by charging 1% for every transaction.



Austin Allred, the CEO showed up to tell us about Grasswire, which is a platform that allows you to see the best content that is being distributed on the web in real-time. Grasswire pulls its sources of content from everyday people instead of corporations.

“The name Grasswire comes from grassroots and Grasswire is a crowd sourced website,” Austin Allred said.

New information is loaded up real-time coming from sources like: Twitter, Vine, YouTube and Instagram. Instead of getting news sources from the mainstream media, get sources of information from your peers and others on the internet. Each story is given weight by fact checking and by others approving the content.

The website is also dynamic, so there is need to constantly refresh the page. Grassfire is currently in beta and having a public release in two weeks.



Julien Denaes was here to represent Logrr, which is a new and interesting way to log into websites without having to create or remember another password.

“How many passwords do you have, 2,3 or are you lazy or have many,” Julien Denaes said.

Loggr replaces remembering passwords by using your smartphone with QR codes to scan them and log you into websites without ever having to touch the keyboard to your computer.

Logrr works by signing up to a website with your email of choice and you get sent an email with a QR code in it. Scan that code with the Android app and that password is now saved in your phone and can be used to login to that website instantly.



Mark Thomas, CEO and founder was here to represent Ressio, which is a website that helps homebuyers and selling automate the process and paperwork that goes along with buying a home.

“How many of you have bought or sold real estate before and enjoyed all the pains and processes that is involved in it?” Mark Thomas asked. Quite a few people raised their hand after that question.

Ressio has automated all the pains in buying and selling real estate via the cloud. You can create documents and see who has access to these specific documents and see every person who is part of your home buying or selling experience. You can look to see the process of the document and everyone who is involved in that document.

Reesio took their product and data one step further. Not only do they make the home buying and selling process automated, they collect enough data to where they can have the most up to date listing of real estate on the market.

“We are collecting awesome real-time data, instead of other companies who’s data is anywhere from 2 days old to 2 weeks old,” Thomas said.

Ressio can offer more up to date listing then Trulia, which Thomas was proud to tell us.



Jason Gordo, the CEO and Jeff Burro, the president of the company both got on stage to showcase Flexscore a new way to think about your personal finances.

Flexscore has gone ahead and gamified financial planning. After building your financial profile they give you a score to help you follow-up to do the things you want to do in your life.

“You can connect to all your banking sources and we aggregate all that data,” Jason Gordo said.

They have a peer ranking system based on your age and income vs. the other people in your area in the same brackets as you. This allows you to see how you stack up to others that are in the same classification as you.

“This application also helps with personal financial literacy too.” Jeff Burro said.

Flexscore is a brand new way to take actionable steps in creating a better financial future and understanding for yourself.