SF New Tech Video 3.0

SAN FRANCISCO--On Tuesday June 16th, 2015, Office Lease Center attended SF New Tech Video 3.0 hosted at Mighty in San Francisco. This event was focused on how the power of user-generated content and how powerful it can be.




Chris Painter, Director of Product for GoPro took the stage to talk about GoPro’s experience.


Video creation has come a long way. It went from having to hire people or ask others to come film you, but with GoPro, you can do it yourself.


People capture lots of video these days but get stuck with editing. We’re now trying to work on making editing and sharing easier.


GoPro movement; a new form of self-expression. We try and remove the pain points from capture, edit and sharing for everyone.



Allison Gay took the stage to represent Airbnb. “We had a film team here at Airbnb before an HR team,” said Allison.


We received thousands of user submitted content come in over the past year. It’s amazing the kind of stories that come in. Video is a great way to tell a story that text just can’t do. It’s a good way to help capture emotions that resonates with people.




Oren was here to represent Magisto. With the growth in smartphones, everyone can easily capture content, but we aren’t building and telling stories with this content. This is something we try and help fix.


Magisto is focused on making video editing a click. They also try and inject emotion into the content.




Veronica Belmont stars in a new show by Engadget called Dear Veronica. The show is based on answering user submitted questions.  People these days are a lot more willing to create and share content.


She feels like audio is a key part of story telling. Podcasts were a breakthrough for this. But now how easy it is to create video these days, video is the new way to tell stories. You can check out Veronica’s show now.