SFNT Runway meetups showcases Will Someone, RawShorts, VINEBOX, FireEye, and more!

SAN FRANCISCO--Last March 25, OLC attended Runway Labs for SF New Techs' monthly event. Here's a handful of startups pitching their products and services.







Antonio Otalvaro, CEO & Founder was here to talk about Rawshorts. When you’re a startup, making great engaging content can be key. Sometimes you want to make an educational video to show off your company or product but these can be very expensive. Raw Shorts wants to allow you to make these videos for a way cheaper price. You can subscribe to their service and use sets of their pre-made clip art to make a video by simply dragging and dropping items into the platform.



Matt Dukes, CEO was here to talk about Vinebox. As the times change, so has consumers shopping habits. A lot of things are turning into subscription based models. That is what Vinebox is doing. You can get a Vinebox sent to your house that contains 4 vials of wine. You can taste them all and have a bottled ordered and ship to your house if you like any of the wines you tasted. This is a good way to learn about new wines, vineyards and get to develop your own preferences.




Chris Heuer, Founder was here to talk about Will someone. Life has gotten us a lot busier these days. That is why Will someone? has been created. You can turn your task list into an ask list. What this means is you can set up things you need to do and submit it to others on the app to help you accomplish that task. Once you publish the task, anyone can start attempting to complete it right away. This is a community based platform that is currently in alpha and should be launching in the next few weeks.




Jari Salomaa, Head of Mobile Product Management was here to talk about FirEeye. In todays day and age, cyber attacks happen more and more. FireEye wants to help you make sure you don’t get hacked. While FireEye has a few different products, they focused on their mobile version for this event. Their app will scan your device, iOS or Android, looking for threats from malicious apps. They can notify you of mobile app threat trends and pre-vet over 3 million apps from app stores.