Smart Tips for a Smooth Office Move!

For growing companies, moving offices involves an incredible amount of logistics and planning that oftentimes feels overwhelming. Coordinating the move frequently falls on the shoulders of employees who already have busy day jobs. Whether it’s your office manager, CEO or other office admin managing the move, we’ve pulled together some suggestions for easing the burden of moving office so you can get settled into your new space without a major interruption to your business operations.

At Managed by Q, we help offices manage the projects around their moves - from office cleanings and electrical setup to IKEA furniture assembly and plumbing hookup. We often hear from our clients what they wish they could have known sooner to make their office moves much smoother. This is why mapping out your timeline and punchlist early can save headaches later.


While every company and every space is different, here are some considerations for the weeks leading up to your move:

One month out:

*Find a moving company through Google, Yelp or referrals to find the best suggestions in your area. Get accurate quotes by having them come to your new space for a walkthrough.

*Start ordering any new furniture as early as a month in advance of your move, as furniture deliveries can be slow or delayed. While ordering online is convenient, consider meeting your furniture vendor in person to coordinate a specific delivery date.

*Take a close look at your current lease to confirm what you need to do before moving out of your current space, such as painting or patch-ups in your current space. Don’t risk losing your deposit by neglecting to close out your current space properly.

*One of the most common moving snafus is getting the internet installed and tested before move date. Schedule your Internet Service Provider well in advance so you have enough time to get the internet up and running.

*You’d be surprised by the number of people you’ll need to notify about your change of address. Start a running list of who needs to be notified about your move. This may include:

- Vendors & suppliers

- Subscription services

- Insurance companies

- Utility companies

- Internet and phone service providers

- Corporate credit card companies

Two weeks out

*If necessary, paint your new office space prior to moving in any new furniture or office equipment. Paintzen is one good vendor available in New York and San Francisco.  Google and Yelp are also great places to find other suggested vendors.

*Contact utility companies and service providers to arrange to have your appliances/services disconnected and, if necessary, reconnected in your new office.

*Reach out to the current tenant in your new space to determine what you’ll need to take over, such as cable, trash carting, plumbing, and other services. While you may be able to get this info from your landlord, it’s helpful to get the inside scoop from the current tenant.

*Reach out to your current landlord, as well as your new landlord, to confirm if and how they need to receive a Certificate of Insurance.

*Confirm the new building’s moving hours and other move-in regulations, and let them know what date and times you’ll be moving.

*Set up your security system by figuring out where you want the locks to be. Have your security vendor come in for a walkthrough so they can configure wiring the devices. If you’re using electronic or internet-based security systems, consider a backup option in case of power or internet outages.

*Create a floorplan of the new space. Have managers of each team fill out their team’s seating charts for each workspace.

*Decide whether the office should be closed on moving day. Some companies suggest employees work from home on moving day so they can set up the space without impacting employee productivity.


One week out:

*Set up the “non-essential” furniture such as in your conference rooms, kitchen, and lounge areas, etc.

*Mount TVs and other fixtures on the walls.

*Ensure all electrical, wiring, plumbing and internet are set up properly.

*Reach out to USPS to set up mail forwarding to your new office.

*Send out a mass change of address announcement to all key people, noting your effective (move-in) date. You should be able to pull this list from the document you started early in the process.


3-5 days before before the move:

*Make sure sensitive and confidential employee and company information is packed separately from what the movers will be handling. Someone from HR should be responsible for handling these documents. The same goes for other valuables. You want to ensure that someone is designated to keep an eye on these important items so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

*Schedule a deep cleaning of your new space to leave everything clean for move-in. This should take place after the majority of maintenance work is completed.

*Give each employee a box to fill with their desk items outside of their computer, phone and other tech. Ensure each employee writes their name prominently in a black marker and seals up their box the day before the move.


Moving day!

*Early in the day, movers first should move essential furniture, such as employee workspaces.

*Once the desks are set up, you can move forward with printer, computer, and phone setup, ensuring each workstation is outfitted with a power cord.

*Have printouts of the new floor plan and seating chart available as employees arrive into the new office.

*Proper planning and organization can make for a smooth move with minimal interruptions to your company operations. For some extra organization, check out web-based project management tools like Trello or Asana to manage all of your tasks and deadlines leading up to the move.


Happy moving!

About Managed by Q: Managed by Q is a smart office cleaning and management company that makes it easy to run your office. Q provides five-star office cleaning, on-demand maintenance and handywork, and office supplies replenishment - all at the touch of an iPad that’s installed in your space for free. Coupled with beautiful technology, Q is powered by incredible cleaning staff and handymen who keep your office running at its best.