Spa and salon app is one of many marketplace startups in SF meetup

SAN FRANCISCO--On Thursday July 9th, 2015, OLC attended a PitchForce event in San Francisco. A handful of companies present to a panel of judges where they receive real time feedback and a potential in person second meeting with an investor.


Craig Fossella, was here to represent Beautified. A new app that lets you connect and book same day spa and salon visits. They partner with local businesses to let you book last minutes spots for a cheaper price.


Bernhard Kerres, was here to represent Hello Stage. Hello Stage is a new community platform that allows you to connect with classical musicians. There are other platforms that do this but not for purely classic music. Get a quality artist to help with your project with ease.


Diana Tkhamadokova, was representing I stylemyself. This is an app focused on allowing people to get new ideas on outfits with items they already own. To get started you have to download the app and snap pictures of all your items in your closet. They also use a Tinder like swipe function to learn a bit more about your style.


Ben Zvailfer, was here to represent Pupbox. Pupbox is a new delivery serviced based on your pup and adapts to their taste and age. Get a new box each month with toys and training guides. As the pup gets older so the service adapts to your dogs age and taste.


Tomas Vejar was here to speak about Songroove. Songroove is a music platform that allows artists to select what they think is the best 8.5 seconds of their songs and let others listen to it to gain interest. Songroove feels that 8.5 seconds is enough time to get someone interested enough in a song to want to know and hear more.