Startup Pitch + DEMO & MIXER

On Thursday, July 10th, 2013 OCL attended Startup Minds monthly tech meetup, which allows startups from all verticals, such as: software, hardware, apps (iOS and Android) and any product or service. At this particular event, seven startups pitched.
Chief evangelist, Craig Smith hit the stage to talk about the London based startup Navmii. Navmii is an alternative app to use for navigation, which is available for both iOS and Android. Navmii takes pride that their mapping system is based off of OpenStreetMaps (OMS)—meaning, it is a crowdsourced mapping product. The more people who use it, the better it gets. Navmii caught the crowd’s attention when the representative mentioned how the app can access your phone's camera and assess the data around you in real-time to help prevent you from getting into an accident. is a San Francisco based startup that is dedicated to making sure you have the best nights out on the town with your friends or on your date. Upout sees itself as the curator of all the fun and weird stuff going on in the Bay Area. They also take care of the people who live outside the city limits by offering suggested events in the peninsula as well ranging from: Loft rock concerts, bike parties, masquerades, foam parties, lube wrestling, outdoor movies, city festivals, burlesque, hip hop karaoke and dance parties.
CMO Sara Batterby got on stage to talk about Primarq. They want to help people get a mortgage but not from the bank, but individual investors. Does anyone really want to buy a house but will never have that 20 percent down payment? Let Primarq help and get in touch with an investor who wants to help.
Consumers choose the house they want to buy and let the investors offer their price for equity and then they get to pick the best offer for them. Consumers will be able to stay in this house for as long as they’d like. No restrictions. 
When investors sign up with Primarq, they get to bid on houses in exchange for equity in them. If they’d like to move on or want that money back, they’re free to sell that equity on the Primarq Exchange.
The representative from JudyBaby was proud to present their new video and mobile game, Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football which can be played on the Nintendo Wii. Play 7-on-7 dog football, with the ability to change the scenery of the game to give you a different feel and look. Users can even set the background to the Golden Gate Bridge. 
Play with 20 different types of dog breeds and 14 different human quarterbacks with the choice of 185 different real football plays while trying to win the Golden Hydrant. 
Smartphone Records
The Smartphone records representative took the stage ready to pitch. Smartphone Records, which is an iPhone-only app wants to give users the power to upload recorded songs to sell them. They basically make themselves a distribution channel for people who don’t have a record label to get their music out. 
After users have recorded a song, they email the song to the company and it is instantly uploaded into the app, where it can be purchased by other users. And with a simple click of a button, users can be getting their music into the hands of millions of people.
Patient Army
Patient Army wants to help solve problems with medical bills. On average, a person is charged an average of $1,300 dollars more than they should be on their medical bill, according to the Patient Army representative.
They have teamed up with experts in this industry and they compare your bill to others and see if you have been overcharged. If so, they take care of the issue for you and you get more cash back in your pocket.
Simple Software
Are you interested in making a mobile or desktop app but have no coding skills? Simple Software is here to help solve that problem. If you can get your hands on some images and content for the website or app, let Simple Software help you take care of the rest. 
No need to spend money on a developer(s). Use their easy-to-use interface to help get your game or website up and running in no time.
More and more bloggers are joining the blogosphere, making it harder for great content to be seen, read and shared with people. AtContent wants to help with that and make your content more visible and trackable. With AtContent, you will be able to track the engagement your content has outside of your own blog and be able to help protect your content against plagiarism. All of this can be yours with a simple WordPress plugin.
Do you possess a certain skill or knowledge that people would pay you for and would like to help out a charity at the same time? Sunnykarma is the platform for you then. Upload something you are willing to do or share and let people bid on it. The money from the winning bid goes to a charity that the company has partnered with. According to their website, Sunnykarma calls itself a combination of Ebay, Facebook and Linkedin with charity twisted into the mix.