Startups [Shark Tank] Showcase DEMO+Pitch Expo & Mixer!

On Friday, February 21st, 2014, OLC attended Startups [Shark Tank] where a number of startups demo’d their product or service and then gave a pitch to a panel of investors. The event was held in San Francisco’s at Temple.

Ducky Cam is an iPhone app that allows you to engage with your young child and get some good quality recording of it. You can track the progress of your child’s development by awarding badges when they have done something, such as taking his/her first steps.

You can edit the footage or take the best frame from a clip and save/share it as a video. You can then share that with your friends and family.

Hands Free iPad

Hands Free iPad has created a durable device for the working professional. As iPads start to become more useful in everyday work, why not be able to have a case for it that allows you to carry it on your persons, but not use your hands to do it. It uses a shoulder strap to stay on, and the iPad is enclosed in a special case that allows you to easily clip and remove the iPad from the shoulder strap with a seatbelt like design.

Aura is a smart Android phone dock that has a remote with four colored buttons. You can program those four buttons to how you like, but are meant to use to help you focus on driving while still being able to use the power of your smart device. You can launch the voice to text feature, the camera, navigation and play music. As more users start to use this device they will be able to make improvements to it.

TouristLink boasts itself as, “Your Travel Social Network.” It’s a social platform to chat with locals and help plan your next trip. What better way to really get a feel for a new place than by connecting with a local. Bypass the middle man of a travel agent tour guide, make a new friend and have your tour guide be a local and a possible new friend.

CameraLends is your new peer to peer camera sharing marketplace. Want to do shoot some great images for a specific event but don’t want to purchase that camera or lense? Why not pay a rental free and rent it for your needs. No shipping is required as you meet up with the personal locally when it best fits both of your needs.

In todays world where stores are now charging you per bag, we tend to bring our own, but how often do you always forget to bring it? ShoppingBagSolutions helps to solve this problem by adding two clear plastic sheets to the outside of the bag where you can store your coupons or store saving cards.

They promise by using their bags and coupons you will be able to save at least 1-10$ everytime you go out shopping.

Crowdfunding is becoming more popular in today’s tech world, but FundHo is taking a slightly different approach to how it’s doing it. Instead of charging any percentage for the processing fee, they do it for free. The only way you get charges for claiming money is the credit card transaction fee, which is not always applicable. FundHo also accepts bitcoin payments and they run on donations.

They have a strong belief that if someone needs funding for a project, they should get as much of that money as possible.

H4Y aims to decrease the amount of time it takes to do medical research. They want to create a valuable platform that helps medical researchers find qualified people who are willing to take part in research and spend less money doing so.

H4Y claims their service can cut down medical research by 4.6 months on average and reduce the costs of research by about 46%.

Build My Bod is a new marketplace for plastic surgeons and patients to connect with each other. Patients can educate themselves about a possible procedure and connect with a surgeon. Build My Bod aims to keep a transparency with prices so when the patient comes in for an appointment they are not put off by the price thus increasing the completion of a surgery.

Glipho is a new platform that allows you to create and discover new content from your favorite writers and topics. As you start to engage with articles, you can see related content to what you are currently reading. When it comes to creating your own content, you can sign in with all your social channels and easily drag and drop any media directly into your created content.

Motoroso want’s to your the new destination for all your car needs. They call it the pinterest for cars, trucks and motorcycles. You can create your account and browse what interests you and park it in your ‘garage’ to view later. You can learn about how to install a new part you just purchased or learn something about a car you already have. Motoroso plans on creating a massive marketplace where you can eventually start to buy products directly from their platform.  They want to disrupt the current use of thousands or forums and have their site be your go-to site.

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