SUPA guest presenter Knapp gives talk, exercise on early product development

SAN FRANCISCO--SUPA Product Talks brings individuals together to share, learn, and talk about what it takes to produce quality products and how to build sustainable businesses and revenue streams based on product excellence.

Last January 7, the presenter was Michael Knapp; a freelance electrical engineer and production developer who helps clients clarify the problems they face and determine the appropriate solution.


A large portion of the talk discussed the beginning stages of developing a product and determining whether or not it has the potential to be successful. Aspects of a product included it's characteristics, devices, features, behaviors, and interfaces.


To give the audience a better understanding of how the beginning stages of this process works, Knapp suggested a group exercise to come up with a product and then break it down. In this case, an EEG headset was used.


The first thing was to give it a name. Knapp states, "Names for a product matter; it's a major aspect in what helps get the customers. Without interested customers there is no product." The next phase is to break down the product such as it's functionality to develop a visual image of the product's "structure".


If the product has competitors, having written down and visually seeing what the product has to offer can help determine whether or not the product or idea is actually sustainable to compete. If the product has no competitors, a product breakdown can help determine if this new idea or invention has a high probability of being wanted or deemed necessary by customers.