Tech Day draws thousands of attendees to 400 startups

NEW YORK--More than 400 startups pitched to 10,000 attendees at the fourth-year of the largest annual tech fair called Tech Day. The event showcased startups in various industries such as education and e-commerce, design and deliveries, food and fashion, music and things mobile as well as that services catering to them like co-working spaces, immigration and recruitment companies.


Auctio promoted itself as a new source of high-quality leads. It  uses its SaaS platform to introduce incentive programs that drives employees to submit leads based on their existing

sales and account management activities.


Ricardo Ibarra, founder and CEO, said employees just need to submit a lead via the website site or mobile app. The platform alerts the sales manager who reviews and assigns it. The deal closes and the referring employee receives a reward.


Have you had enough of all the hundreds of wireframing tools out there? Well, Cacoo, handcrafted by nulab, is different in the sense that any wireframing and prototyping can be mirrored in real time over somebody else’s computer.


Postag can help you look at how specific clothes are worn by people from all the world--and how it helps you decide whether particular styles or patterns suit you.


Ever thought how you can play the lottery or scratch cards on your phone. Jackpocket is working with official state lotteries to make this happen.


Appnexus was at the fair to find talents. It’s a technology company that provides trading solutions and powers marketplaces for Internet advertising.


Coalition Space is like other co-working spaces, except that it also offers more flexible arrangements, even virtual offices. For those who like a new desk anytime, it offers Freestyle.  And if you need coaching, another startup called CoachMarket says there’s a difference between having all the skills, a disadvantage in some ways, and focusing or mastering just one skill to get a job out there.


Where everyone is specializing like Sailo (it just rents boats), Rentah is offering a marketplace where individuals and businesses can rent out their goods and services and spaces within their city. You could say it’s emulating Craigslist and Airbnb in one site/service, but can it be all things for everyone? That remains to be seen.