The Art of Being Found on Google: SEO 101

On January 8th, 2013 OLC attended the Digital Creatives NYC Meetup, "The Art of Being Found on Google: SEO 101", hosted by Wix Lounge.

Wix Lounge hosted the January Digital Creatives Meetup, which held a class on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), at its Flatiron District coworking and event space.  Over a hundred attendees came to learn the dos and don’ts of SEO from Ariele Krantzow, Training & Support Manager of

Freelancers and small business owners in the hour-long class learned about the importance of using the most relevant keywords for their websites. Krantzow emphasized the importance of “having 10 keywords” defining your site, “listing all the services/products you are offering and more important, “not to forget (mentioning) your location.”

Krantzow also tackled content to a great degree, making sure the attendees understood the difference between relevant and fresh content—all crucial to being found by Google, as its title event addressed.  

When attendees asked the use of photos or images, Krantzow showed its much-talked about Wix website builder to explain how one must at least have “three keywords to describe” them.  

It was refreshing to see how Krantzow used Wix layouts not to promote it but merely to make her case about SEO. She pointed out how you can test keywords on Wix at, which should convince anyone how a good product can speak for itself.

Wix’s “design suggestions” tool is one of many website builders, so it remains to be seen how it will evolve in a very competitive field. But it may just leapfrog over competitors like and if it also remains “absolutely free,” simple to create—and if it can really answer the needs of small business owners.