The good and bad of Ember.js

KANSAS CITY, MO-- Last September 22, OLC attended an Introduction to Ember.js hosted by JavaScriptKC and sponsored by RiverPoint. The event was held at the Sprint Accelerator office located at 210 w 19th street with a featured presentation by Ryan Doll.


JavaScriptKC holds a monthly meeting covering a topic in Node.JS and JavaScript that’s helpful to the growing tech community in Kansas City.  

The Sprint Accelerator is a trendy and modern downtown co-working office where you have to be buzzed in at the backdoor

One of the speakers, Ryan, is a web architect at VML where he helps create and maintain websites and mobile applications for high-profile clients. In his jeans, sneakers, and t-shirt, he introduced himself and explained his passion for Ember.js. He asked the audience who has used Ember.js before and 3 people raised their hands. He asked who has used Angular and now all 30 developers have raised their hands.

As that room proved, the most popular current framework for creating applications right now is Angular. Ryan attempted to sway the audience to hop on board with Ember.js. He explained that when creating applications, you need to use the most efficient software for that particular project, not just the newest. So Ember.js is not always the answer, but it’s important to consistently expand your knowledge and to keep learning in order to stay relevant in this industry.

As he walked us through the using Ember.js, he used the Kansas City Developer Conference website that he created to show us what Ember.js is capable of.

He gave us the good and the bad of Ember.js. The bad: There’s a high learning curve, hence this introduction course. Next, it favors convention over configuration, so it’s not really made to edit and design applications.

The good: it’s made for single-page applications. It’s an open-source community and framework. It’s large and is used by Groupon, Yahoo, and Apple, for example. Also the good, it favors convention over configuration.

So while it’s still newer and less used than Angular, it’s worth learning in creating applications.