The Hatchery's Are You Serious?

On Wednesday, January 16th, OLC attended The Hatchery's, “Are you Serious?” Meetup, hosted by Chadbourne & Park, where five (5) different startup businesses presented their business plans to a panel of VC's including Klifer Capital's Sachin Jade, Paladin Capital's Bill Reinisch and First Mark Capital's Paul Cianciolo.


Yao-Hui Huang is founder of The Hatchery, a company that focuses on helping technology companies present and mold their ideas. In this Meetup, Yao-Hui invited representatives from three different venture capital firms to analyze and critique their business plans.

Life.Sport was the first start-up company to present. Life.Sport focuses on the community and network of athletes where they are able to share their experiences, regime and activities within other athletes. It is like a social network website where athletes, beginners and aspiring individuals are able to connect, plan races and overall grow a society for any sportsperson. Life.Sport presents the idea that any sportsperson can share their goals and other sportspersons can see and contact them as well. Life.Sport hopes to open a new portal for any athlete whether a beginner or experienced to connect in a whole new world.

Follr, focuses on the ability to network within one page. It combines all the possible networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., into one webpage that the user creates in order to sustain a crisp and organized profile. They offer an organized profile where any user can easily create and have all their information in one place instead of different websites. Not only does Follr give identity to the individual, but it also appeals to companies and the community as well, where they to can create a Follr profile. Follr concentrates on the idea to view all the probable types of connections in order for businesses and large companies to view the candidate in one profile.

Shopitizer, was the third start-up company to present. Shopitizer focuses on the ability for e-commerce to grow through individuals own markets and buyers interested in these markets.

Vidaao focuses on the social media and production of videos. Vidaao offers producers to individuals in need of a media based project such as a commercial or social project such as a wedding video. Vidaao gives users the capacity to match their personal needs to a producer that will film, create and edit their finished product into their own likings.

Sumpto focuses on college students and the benefits of being a college student through rewards. Sumpto targets college students connected through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. By promoting different companies such as Red Bull, NBA, etc., college students are able to earn exclusive prizes from these companies. Sumpto only allows current college students to register with their “.edu” email address so that companies know which specific group they are targeting.