The Tao Of Shared Office Space

Shared office space is becoming more and more popular. As we’ve noted previously, the benefits of sharing an office can include pooled expenses, on-site networking opportunities, professional meeting space, and easy access to the advice of another professional. 

But there’s a bit more to shared office space than just choosing your office partners and setting up shop. As in many other relationships, familiarity (and close quarters) can breed all sorts of interpersonal issues.  Addressing some particular subjects at the onset can help keep peace and harmony in your shared space.



Set Boundaries

While you don’t need to run a strip of white tape between your offices, it’s still important that clear boundaries are established for the space. Start a conversation about this as soon as you can with everyone involved. Asking the following questions can help get things rolling.

  • Do you need space for confidential discussions? How often?
  • Is noise level an issue? What would you consider too much noise?
  • Have you determined how much actual space you’ll need?
  • Is there space we can agree to share, such as a conference room? How will we schedule this?

This is by no means a complete list, but it will help you work out some basic boundary requirements before they become a problem.

Utilize Space Efficiently

Most of the affordable office space in NYC is small. Throw in more than one person and “territory creep” is likely. The remedy is to try to make use of every square inch, including the walls. Vertical space is often wasted, but not if you’re clever. Get permission to hang things on the walls that would otherwise clutter up lower areas. Look for space saving devices that can store things under cabinets. Check out your office supply store or the internet for special items to help manage storage in small offices.

An added benefit: reducing clutter will keep your office looking professional at all times and impress those you do business with.

Be Über-Organized

Being highly organized is a must for anyone who shares office space, and it doesn’t have to be a chore. The easiest fix is to go paperless and work solely with electronic files, which may eliminate a file cabinet or two. If you work part-time, consider using specialized organizational systems for traveling to and from the office.

Keeping an organized work area also shows respect for those who share the space with you. You’re basically saying that you know the space is not all yours and want to keep it in good shape for everyone. This alone helps build good relationships among your fellow officemates.

Shared office space is here to stay, and with just a little bit of effort it can be a pleasant (and productive) experience for all.

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