The True Art of Networking

On December 6th, NYSIA (New York Software Industry Association) hosted a very successful SIG (Special Interest Group) meeting on self marketing and networking strategies at CRESA Partners' New York City offices, hosted and moderated by Sherri Sklar of Sherri Sklar Strategies, LLC. The presenter, Andrea Nierenberg, CEO, The Nierenberg Group had prepared a hands-on networking workshop. Attendees were invited to a pot luck style event where learning and practicing went hand-in-hand. Over 40 people followed the call and enjoyed the evening.

The True Art of Networking

Have you ever wondered how some people possess the type of skills that make them shine and stand out in a crowd? They are able to walk into a room, create a presence, make connections and persuade the client or prospect in a way like no other. What are the tactics and strategies of networking that cause the client or prospect to stand up and take note or to become engaged whether at a social function or business meeting.

After moving to New York, where Andrea Nierenberg knew no one, she networked her way to 1,500 new business contacts. Now, based on the principles she learned, Andrea speaks to businesses around the world about why networking is the most powerful business development tool you can have. What's the secret? It comes from a simple strategy of finding out how to be a giver through networking.

How many trade shows or business events have you noticed people only focusing on their own personal gain from meeting new people? What Andrea will show you is how to visualize ways to make a positive first impression that has the potential to turn into lifelong business relationships. In this session, the whole focus will be on the opportunity to deepen the share of the wallet by understanding and implementing the techniques of networking and how to connect, engage and interact with our clients and prospects to create and win more business in a positive relationship building way.

Wall Street Journal's "Networking Success Story"

The Wall Street Journal called Andrea Nierenberg a "networking success story." She is a master at helping companies build their businesses by improving employee and client relationships. Andrea's training methods all focus on one principle: take care of your business relationships, and your business will prosper. With a 25-year sales and marketing background, Andrea heads The Nierenberg Group, a business consulting firm based in New York. Her company works with the world's leading businesses, such as Citigroup, Time Inc., TIAA-CREF, Food Network, Lehman Brothers, Omnicom, Coach, and Tiffany. Andrea's book, Nonstop Networking: How To Improve Your Life, Luck and Career, is used by companies as a business development "textbook" and is a top seller at Her next book, Million Dollar Networking: The Sure Way to Find, Grow and Keep Your Business, will be released in the fall of 2005. Andrea was honored by Office Depot and the National Association for Female Executives as Business Woman of the Year. She also received a Silver Apple Award from the Direct Marketing Association of New York for her long-time service.

Former Dale Carnegie Training Instructor

Prior to establishing The Nierenberg Group, Andrea was publisher and sales director of Target Marketing Magazine, and taught Dale Carnegie courses for 14 years. She has taught her business development courses to undergraduate and MBA students at the nation's top educational institutions, including the University of Chicago, Baruch College, and New York University. A native of Illinois and a long-time resident of New York City, Andrea graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Business and Psychology.

Harvard MBA Moderator

Sherri Sklar Strategies, LLC is a sales, marketing and business development consulting firm that delivers measurable results from assessment, proven strategies, and excellence in execution. Sherri Sklar has built a star track record in helping organizations (including CRESA Partners) obtain exceptional results. Over the last 20 years, she has enabled organizations to make dramatic turnarounds, helping under-performing divisions achieve significant growth in the most difficult of marketplace conditions. Ms. Sklar has helped organizations in marketing strategy and execution, sales strategy, sales execution and performance, business development strategy, channel management, and communication skills training. A frequent presenter at seminars and conferences, Ms. Sklar practices and teaches 'peak performance delivery', a proprietary technique Ms. Sklar employs to help clients achieve optimal results. Ms. Sklar received her MBA from Harvard Business School and her BA from Newcomb College at Tulane University.