Web 2.0 Search iBreakfast Report

FAST Enterprise Search is a public company founded in 1997, with 750 employees. Matching customers/employeees to communities of content and commerce, FAST features a "learning algorithm" that learns user's preferences with experience, using a semantic network. Clients include MTV, Comcast, Softbank, Zibb (B2B search). FAST's R&D group is based in Oslo, Norway.

Event Report


CRESA Partners recently hosted the December 6th iBreakfast panel discussion of Web 2.0 Search featuring presentations by Kayak, TV Eyes, myTriggers and FAST. If you had to describe the next world of search it would have eyes, ears, a brain, doggedness and a way to travel by canoe, or make that Kayak.

TV Eyes' Video Search


Founder David Ives described how TV Eyes does video search by using its ears. TV Eyes listens to the audio track in a video, turns it into text and then indexes the results. This door-opening technology makes it possible for videos to tag themselves, generate transcripts and get translated into other languages. So yes, you really could listen in on Al Jazeera and find out what fair and balanced means in another language.

TV Eyes' spoken word indexing of video content is based on what's actually said within a video. The business model is to generate revenue from displaying ads linked to and alongside video content when and where relevant. (There are a number of emerging competitors in this space, including Critical Mention and Scanscout.)

Kayak Travel Search


Kayak, as its name sort of suggests, is about travel, not just camping but real travel. Formed by ex-Orbitz and other online travel company executives, the site not only delivers hotel and flight information in a travel meta-search engine, but also gives feedback from actual travelers. Kayak.com's deep relationships into travel provider websites enables the site to deliver more specific results. New features allows user to "pin" a result, sending it to the top of a page and retaining a preference.

myTriggers Shopping Search


myTriggers is a shopping engine that turns pay-per-click on its ear by taking a cut of its partner's sales. Thus, the results are as honest as the
affiliated deals they have which now number over 100 million products. The most interesting part is that the listing directly reflects vendor inventory and links directly to the vendors' checkout system. Some audience members feared this structure would deprive the vendor of ad revenue. But in fact, once a shopper lands on the shopping cart page and has their wallet open, ready to buy, that is the ideal place to ask: what else would they like to buy?

MyTriggers.com natural shopping search features no paid advertisements. The business model is to collect fees from etailers based on click-through conversion sales. This avoids many of the click-fraud issues inherent in paid search sites. MyTriggers.com was launched on Black Friday 2006 by Glenn Myers, formerly CEO of SKYT and RRRR.

FAST Enterprise Search

FAST is an enterprise search engine which helps companies integrate their own intelligence with the way the world looks in, from behind the firewall. Aside from making the companies' own digital assets intelligently searchable, FAST is also able to make sense of who is looking in, and help viewers get to the information the company wants them to have. Artificial intelligence and a host sophisticated technologies take search to a whole new place with these techniques.