Young Professionals Career Networking attracts diverse crowd

SAN FRANCISCO--Last March 8, OLC attended Young Professionals Career Networking hosted by David Mitroff. Sponsored by Professional Connector a vision of Piedmont Avenue Inc., the event was held at SOMA Eats located at 186 2nd Street, San Francisco.


The networking for young professional’s event was thriving with talent and opportunity. It was a great place for anyone looking to spread their networking connections - whether a job seeker, an employer, or just someone looking to make friends.


There were no speakers at this event; just a great group of people mingling, most of them new to the job market and  new to San Francisco. The diverse crowd  came  from Australia, Israel, France and even places like Chicago and New York. Most of the people were younger because it was advertised as a young professionals meetup, but people of all ages were welcome!


The event featured an easygoing and light atmosphere with a wide array of wine and imported beers to choose from that made conversation flow easily. And attendees had no trouble breaking the ice, as event host David Mitroff did an excellent job of introducing people around to one another.


About 50 people showed up to the event, enough to fill SOMA Eats.All in all it was a great networking event perfect for young professionals looking to make new connections. There were many success stories of new connections, friendships, and even job opportunities. It was exciting to see that events like these really do work. If you haven’t been to one of these events before, be sure to check out their schedule for future events.