Seven Interesting and Unexpected Benefits of an Office Relocation


The relocation of a company’s offices can be a very time-consuming and costly event.

This process often focuses on economic metrics (as per square foot rent, monthly rent), geographic metrics (general neighborhood, access to transportation) or aesthetics (light, views, existing conditions of a space).

Many times, however, some of the more subtle benefits to productivity from an office relocation occur due to some of the least measurable factors:

Change in Building Personnel

The owners and agents for properties are constantly changing, but one thing remains constant - the building personnel.  For many tenants, the building superintendent is the most important person in real estate!  A great super can make a tenant’s occupancy much simpler by providing easy access to elevators, service providers or by performing minor renovation or repair jobs!  Lobby personnel are great sources of information regarding the new neighborhood and building procedures.

Change in Physical Building

The physical aspects of a building can reinvigorate a companies workforce.  Are the elevators quick, is the lobby spacious, are there common areas like courtyards or lounges, exercize rooms and outdoor areas.  Are there retail amenities within the lobby?  More and more, landlords are recognizing that building amenities add value to their tenants and their workforces.

Change in Tenant Neighbors

While riding the elevators, tenants will discover new faces and new stops on their ride.  Are there other companies in the building with potential business synergies?  Are there service providers that can help with your business?  Do they know a good restaurant in the neighborhood?  Being a new tenant is the best time to spark up friendly elevator conversations with your new neighbors.

Change in Neighborhood

New restaurants, new bars, new stores all help to break up the routine and spark creativity in your workforce.  The novelty of the new locale will bring your team closer together as they learn and explore their new surroundings together.

Change in Commutation Patterns

New subway stops, new train lines, new bus routes will engender new patterns of thinking.  Additionally, the short walks from transportation hubs to the new office will spark curiousity and discovery of new ideas as workers pass new scenery, faces and establishments.

Change in Amount of Space

Often companies will have grown within their existing office space to such an extent that the environment feels cramped, tired or dated.  A new, larger work environment will positively stimulate all of the workforce as they respond to a positive change in environment.  Having a more spacious office will boost employee productivity and morale after toiling in a tighter environment.

Change in Space Layout

This is an obvious one and many workplace studies have confirmed that changing an office layout from a “cube farm” to a collaborative environment can boost worker productivity.  We have also seen that many successful organizations upon relocating their offices will implement new initiatives to help employees get to know their coworkers better.  For having new office buddies and new patterns of conversation will bring the entire team closer together and create new dialog and brainstorming.

In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when contemplating an office relocation.  Don’t forget to weigh some of these intangible factors that can definitely improve worker satisfaction and productivity!