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Seven Interesting and Unexpected Benefits of an Office Relocation

The relocation of a company’s offices can be a very time-consuming and costly event.  This process often focuses on economic metrics (as per square foot rent, monthly rent), geographic metrics (general neighborhood, access to transportation) or aesthetics (light, views, existing conditions of a space).  Many times, however, some of the more subtle benefits to productivity from an office relocation occur due to some of the least measurable factors:

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To Increase Your Comp (-ensation), Don’t Be Fooled by Lease Comp’s (-arables)!

Are you the type whom, when buying a new phone or device, tears open the box and tries to get it working without paying any attention to the instruction manual and warranty information? Leasing office space can be the same way.  You just want to secure a space so you can plan for your new offices without diving into the minutia of a commercial lease.

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